Our range of boots/shells is our starting point. Firstly we have selected a range of boots to cover all of the main foot types, while at the same time making sure the quality of plastics, components, weight and function is of paramount importance. We have a boot that perfectly suits your foot shape, any further modifications will be made with our tools to add any extra space for bumps, sore spots or problem areas.

Plastics are subject to wear and tear, UV a/b degradation and temperature sensitivity. Only shells made of the best quality polymers interest us; minimising fluctuations in performance at different times of the winter, the life span of your boots should be optimised to offer the best value.

The shape of your foot is the base of our shell selection process. Sizing is key, fitting the shell as small as we can is therefore critical for extended the return on your investment.

The weight of your boots is an ever increasing key issue. Modern skis and bindings are getting lighter and so are boots. We will help select shells based on weight vs ski width, heavier boots will drive wider skis in varied conditions, lighter lower cut boots, whist more suitable for longer days touring will not drive the same wide skis with ease. A stiffer liner can be used to compensate for this without too much added weight. Check out our range of Intuition Hybrid liners to beef up your boots without adding extra weight.

Walk Function is now common place in ski boots and unlike in the past it does not compromise the function or flex of the boot. Dance, walk, climb with the confidence that your turns are exactly as they would be in a fixed collar boot.


SOLE is the name of the shop and SOLEs are the fundamental part of your comfort and precision. We employ a mix of weighted and unweighted techniques to ensure your feet are in the optimal position to work less hard as you steer and brake for hours a day.

90% of problems you’ll have with ski boots are due to what the foot is having to do, using our SOLEs will reduce this issue to the degree we are confident that any issues that may arise after are purely the fault of the shell or liner and can be easily solved in our workshop.


The Custom Footbed Process - Step 1
The Custom Footbed Process - Step 2
The Custom Footbed Process - Step 3
The Custom Footbed Process - Step 4
The Custom Footbed Process - Step 5
The Custom Footbed Process - Step 6
Ski Boot Liners


The stock liners of our range of boots represent the best available, we try in all cases to use the liners that come with the boots to offer the best value possible. We will often take a liner from one boot and put it in another to get exactly the level of precision vs comfort that you feel you need, often trying many different options until your feeling is just right.

We also stock a range of after market liners from Intuition and Sidas, that offer a higher level of precision for a longer duration. We have designed our own products with Intuition to complement the new wave of Hybrid/Free Touring boots. These liners increase performance, reduce weight and walk a whole lot better whilst giving a longer lifespan to the overall feeling we feel you need from a boot.

Check out our range of liners here.



You are an individual and your feet whilst being close to the shape of one particular shell are never going to be an exact fit. We have a workshop that many envy, our tools are custom built to custom make your boots. From stretching, grinding and manipulating the shell to the exact reflection of your feet to canting, adding rubber soles, different power straps, decorative buckles, we have the parts and the tools to do it all with no fuss.

Personalised Ski Boots